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Martyn Bowie, is the head of our Specialist Sales Team. Martyn is here to work with Firearms Teams, Public Order Teams and other Specialists across the country. Having some 30 years experience in the Military and Surrey police we felt he was suitably qualified for the job! So if you would like to arrange a meeting - give him a ring: 01489 573888

About Martyn...

“Having left Surrey Police last year after 21 years service, I had gained experience in all levels of operation. I spent many years on the beat, gaining qualifications as a Conflict or Officer Safety Trainer, Police Support Team and a divisional Public Order Officer.

Wanting to learn more, I qualified as a Public Order Instructor attending the Public Order Trainers Course at Hounslow with the Met. I worked for six years in the Officer Safety Department where I was responsible for training officers in all aspects of Conflict Management and Training. I completed an MOE (Method of Entry) Instructors Course as well as Public Order Tactical Advisors Course and numerous other courses to better carry out my duties.

As the years passed requirements for police officers changed, and with the terrorist attacks in the UK, we were required to teach and train in CBRN Training. Passing my Instructors Course in the CR1 and QDPPE I was lucky enough to take up the Lead Trainer’s position.

I also spent ten years on a specialist public order team, used to tackle offenders deemed to be too dangerous to be dealt with by normal patrol officers. Whilst this may sound glamorous, I spent more times in the back of a van, lorry or warehouse waiting for the big job. All I got was very cold, sore and bored, but enjoyed every moment of it. As with most jobs like that when it did happen it was a rush.

With retirement looming, I decided a new challenge was due... and at the ripe old age of 40 something I attended a Firearms Officers Course. It has to be said, it was the hardest eight weeks in my life! But, this allowed me to complete my service doing something I loved, being a front line officer on the Armed response cars.

I am looking forward to seeing and working with officers around the country, helping to ensure that they get the right kit for the job - designed for the UK officer, good quality and sensibly priced. I also have the advantage of having been there, done that and have some t-shirts!!!!.”

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