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B-SQUARE was founded more than 50 years ago by a young engineer named Daniel L. Bechtel. He had a passion for outdoor sports but could not find any products on the market for mounting optics to firearms that satisfied his stringent standards. He believed shooters and collectors should be able to mount the optics they used without extensive gunsmithing. Eventually, he decided to design and build his own mounts.

B-SQUARE has a long list of industry firsts, many of which are still unequaled to this day. Their processing technology, machinery design knowledge and engineering design knowledge give the company a vast advantage over its competition. Most all of B-SQUARE's mounting systems are non-destructive, no-gunsmithing mounts which require neither a gunsmith's expertise nor drilling and tapping of the firearm. This unique design concept allows anyone using a B-SQUARE mounting system to return their firearm to its original condition at any time. 


Bianchi sells its law enforcement, military and sporting products globally through dealers and distributors. The company was started by John Bianchi forty-seven years ago, who was then a full time police officer in Southern California. Over the years, the company grew to worldwide prominence through its innovative holster designs. 


Break-Free is a leading manufacturer of synthetic-based cleaners, lubricants and preservative compounds for military weapon maintenance, law enforcement, civilian firearms, high performance sports equipment and industrial machinery. 

Defense Technology

Defense Technology are the manufacturers for Less Lethal products and part of the BAE product group under the Safariland Banner.


Hatch provides quality gloves and other protective gear for uniformed duty, tactical, corrections, military, industrial safety/medical rehabilitation, and more. Hatch brands include Friskmaster cut resistant gloves, Operator Tactical Gloves, Centurion and ExoTech disturbance control gear and B.O.S.S. tactical eyewear. Founded in 1967, the Hatch Corporation has evolved as the undisputed leader in the law enforcement glove market, with a strong reputation based on quality and user driven innovations.

Today, Hatch provides quality gloves and other protective gear for uniformed duty, tactical, corrections, military, industrial safety/medical rehabilitation, and more. Its products are of the highest quality available in terms of materials, construction and durability. 


Kleen-Bore’s comprehensive line of gun care products is developed with careful attention to the changing needs of astute sportsmen, like you. Each product is designed to give your firearm a precise clean, while meeting quality standards of even the most discerning shooters. 

Monadnock logo


The Monadnock® brand has defined the state-of-the-art in our American-made batons and training aids for more than a half century. Our heritage and expertise focuses on our primary objective: providing the highest quality products to the men and women who depend on them every day.

Additionally, the Monadnock now offers legendary Hiatt® restraints, along with riot control suits and accessories in both hard and soft shell versions, offering a one-stop-shop for protective less lethal gear. There's a reason Monadnock products are the preferred choice of law enforcement professionals around the world - we simply build our products better.

Niton Tactical

Niton was founded with the promise of providing quality, durable equipment and clothing with outstanding value and service. With over 20 years of experience supplying law enforcement equipment, Niton Equipment have been able to design and manufacturea strong tactical range designed specifically for the needs of UK agencies. 


With a passion for protection, PROTECH brings tactical armor to a new level with years of advanced research and experienced personnel. Our designers and engineers are committed to producing modern technological solutions that address the special-threat requirements of military, federal and law-enforcement agencies across the world. 

Rapid Assault Tools

We are manufacturers of forced entry tools and training products. Mobility, ease of use and dependability are built into each of our products. Our products help law enforcement, military and first responders complete their missions.