January 19, 2022

Firearms Conference 1st -2nd March 2022

Aspen International will be attending the 2022 Firearms Conference for the Taser Event at the College of Policing, Ryton, on 1st and 2nd of March 2022.

Should you attend and wish to speak to one of our representatives, please fill out the contact form below to book an appointment.

Aspen International Trusted by professionals for over 35 years

Aspen International has been a leading supplier of specialist products to the Police, Military, and Enforcement sectors for over 35 years.

We supply the UK’s finest Firearms, Counter Terror, and Officer Safety teams with a comprehensive range of uniforms, weapons accessories, and other equipment. Trusted to source, supply, and maintain some of the World’s leading brands, you can trust Aspen International to only supply you with the best equipment available.   

We are proud to offer the widest possible range of Holsters to suit Taser® and all manner other devices and weapons.  This system has infinite mounting options which enable both front-line patrol officers and those in specialist roles, to carry the product safely discreetly and ready for quick and safe deployment.

You are able to select the weapon, mounting platform, retention level, and wearing location to suit your individual officer needs, and we can make that happen.

We have worked closely with UK police forces in recent months, to develop, design, and supply weapon carrying solutions for specialist duties such as Motorcycle officers and CT teams.  Providing them with a solution that’s safe and effective.

We are the UK’s leading supplier of prestigious brands such as Safariland, Monadnock, ShocKnife, Niton Tactical, Blueline, and Sure Lock.  Offering both a knowledgeable sales team but also stocking a wide range of products ready for immediate dispatch.  Ensuring you’ve got the right equipment, to safely carry your role. 

Aspen International would like to invite you to a no-obligation one-to-one demonstration of all of the solutions available to you. 

Please just get in touch, and we will be glad to arrange this.