Curd’s Police Mat 50 Refillable Training System

Practice Makes Perfect

With the cost of training officers becoming more and more of an issue, we know that sometimes you may ask yourself how many times can we afford to practice? We have a simple, fast, effective and more importantly cost-effective way for you to refill your training sprays. The Curd’s Police Mat 50 Refillable Training System is easy to use, simply place the can in the disc, press down the red button and wait 20-30 seconds for the can to be refilled – and ready to train again. The unit is designed to enable the end user to refill their own training sprays on site without the need to send the used sprays back to the distributor. By using the refill station in conjunction with the compressor along with de-ionised water each can is refilled instantly. The pressure and distance are comparable with the current sprays but without the need to replace each can as it’s used. The cost-saving speaks for its self. Forces already using the system have been impressed with the savings to their budgets after investing in this product. Each system is simple to use and can be placed in almost any location. It is easy to use, just push the empty can on the filling-plate and press the red button for 20-30 seconds. The can will be automatically refilled with de-ionised water and pressure – ready to use again.

  • Just connect your air compressor and a container of de-ionised water
  • Quick filling in 20-30 seconds
  • No need to replace each can as it’s used
  • The most cost-effective solution
  • Choice of training can designs

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