Hatch HK Leather Glove with Kevlar

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With full-leather construction and a Kevlar ½ liner, this remarkable new tactical glove provides excellent resistance to cuts, heat, flash and fire. Designed by Hatch, the glove’s hard-knuckle design buffers sound for better tactical operations and features a reduced IR signature. The patented Operator HK is made with goatskin, the most durable leather, and it provides superior abrasion and tear resistance. Strategically placed high-density foam also provides full-finger protection. And our signature Ergo-Cut design conforms to the natural curvature of the hand, significantly reducing stress and offering outstanding dexterity for frisking, searching or weapon control.

  • Excellent resistance to cuts, heat, flash and fire
  • Reduced IR signature
  • Durable goatskin for superior abrasion and tear resistance
  • Patented Cut-Ring with optional index-finger removal without unraveling for trigger control
  • Leather-covered hard knuckles for added protection, low profile and sound buffering
  • Hatch signature Ergo-Cut for superior dexterity and reduced hand stress
  • High-density foam provides full-finger protection

Product SKU: SOG-HKL100